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Who we are

We are a consulting company based in Gdańsk that specializes in providing services on the commercial real estate market throughout Poland. The main scope of our services includes, property management, expert support during lease and sale transactions of warehouse, office, retail and land real estate. We also carry out investment projects – starting from land acquisition and preparation, through commercialization and construction, to sale of the finished property.

We are here to meet the expectations of our Clients.
Thanks to constant cooperation with our business partners, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions.

We base our cooperation on trust and long-term business relations.
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How do we work


What we do


Efficient rental of real estate requires constant monitoring of rapidly changing trends. As part of our services, we provide full support in selecting the property that meets specific needs. Our extensive experience gained over many years and wide knowledge of the market guarantees the opportunity of making the best possible choices by our clients. We conduct financial cash-flow forecasts individually for each location ensuring the transparency of future costs. The project's agenda prepared by us is the guarantee of the efficiency of the process, the implementation of which we supervise.


The sale and purchase of real estate is a process that requires a number of analysis enabling the right decision. Thus, we carry out comprehensive „due diligence” to properly assess the attractiveness of the project. We actively search for real estate, based on individual preferences of our clients, and provide support in the purchase process. We prepare real estate for sale by implementing an individual marketing strategy and recomercialisation, which has a direct impact on the value of investments.


Appropriate property management is a key element for its proper functioning. We offer our clients a professional customer service at every stage of the project. We ensure the preparation and implementation of the most efficient building management plans. This aims to increase the profitability and attractiveness of the project in both the development and the investment phase. Our priority is continuous improvement of competences, maintaining good relationships with tenants and transparent cooperation with property owners. Thanks to this we are highly efficient in our day to day operations.


BTS and BTO projects are a response to a number of individual and very specific customer needs. "Tailor-made" facilities, as the name suggests, are carried out on an individual order basis, thanks to which they guarantee most efficient use of the building's potential. As part of the service, we provide full support, ranging from a preliminary cost analysis by selecting a location, a project order and obtaining a building permit, to investor's supervision over the implementation of the project. What is more, we support our clients in obtaining a substitute investor.

Advice & Consultancy

Advisory services are aimed at increasing investment awareness of stakeholders, focusing on optimisation of their assets. Thanks to our knowledge and familiarity with the local market and global trends, we provide our clients with professional service. We help to increase the value of the investment portfolio, while minimizing the risk. We work with corporate and individual clients regardless of their level of involvement and experience.

Financing and insurance

Financing is a key element influencing the ability to carry out investments. For this purpose, an individual analysis of financial possibilities and investor's needs is required. Thanks to many years of cooperation with financing institutions, we provide the most beneficial solutions. Insurance is an inseparable element ensuring investment security. Thereby, after a prior analysis of the investor's preferences and the subject of insurance, we tailor a dedicated product that provides an optimal solution.


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We are a consulting company based in Gdańsk that specializes in providing services on the commercial real estate market throughout Poland.
HQ address DMOWSKIEGO CENTER ul. Dmowskiego 12, 80-264 Gdańsk