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Every client has its own, unique needs.
That’s why we have a personalized approach to each individual client.

Querco Property specializes in providing comprehensive services and advice on the commercial real estate market. In response to the rapidly changing business environment within an increasingly global economy, our experts provide the most optimal solution based on years of experience, knowledge and individual needs of each and every client. Thanks to the quality services, based on the principles of integrity, business ethics and transparency we build long-term relationships and satisfaction of our customers.

The process of cooperation


Strategic action plan


Renting or buying real estate is one of the major cost drivers in almost every business venture. Therefore, a professionally conducted analysis of needs, as well as the selection of optimal space and the appropriate standard are the key elements to success.

In order to meet our Clients expectations, our goal is to determine the most functional layout and the required target space, together with the work schedule strictly defining the individual steps in the process and the exact time of their execution.


Market supply verification


Market intelligence and knowledge about the currently prevailing trends are fundamental and the most important factors in decision-making when it comes to choosing the optimal location. Our extensive property listings together with the constant revision of the market enable us to present a professional compilation of available supply in a form convenient to the Customer.


RFP for the selected properties


After the pre-selection of properties potentially meeting the expectations of the Client, we prepare a detailed inquiry addressed to the property owners with a request to submit an offer containing the formal conditions, in accordance with the guidelines from the Client.


Analysis of the selected properties


Based on the RFPs collected from the owners, a detailed analysis of the pre-selected locations is created. Convenient and transparent form of presenting the findings and the possibility to combine the different parameters in a common denominator, gives an inestimable value and the ability to short-list the best offers.


Contract negotiations and signing


One of the most significant stages is a properly carried out process of negotiating the financial and legal terms of a transaction. Based on the strategy previously developed jointly with the Client, our broker provides a constant assistance during the whole process of contract negotiation. Simultaneous proceedings of negotiations in several locations and continuously updated financial analysis guarantees to optimize the terms of the contract and pick the most optimal property. Issuing a letter of intent based on established and accepted conditions between the Parties marks the culmination of the negotiation process. To contract is being signed, also with the assistance of our advisors. In order to provide a comprehensive advice, with the customer finances in mind, we recommend Notary services at preferential rates.


Property handover and relocation


The process of removal and handing over the property is nevertheless an important part of the entire process of changing the location. Focus on details and meticulousness is crucial here to deliver the product according to the specification agreed by the Parties. The expertise and experience offered to our Customers ensures a smooth transfer of the property. Moving to a new location always raises concerns and uncertainty as to the extent to which it will affect the functioning of the organization. Proper preparation for that process minimizes costs and risks of business disruption. We support our clients in terms of appropriate removal preparation, vendor selection, and supervision over the course of the whole process.


Financing and Insurance


Buying a property in most cases requires external financing through a mortgage loan or leasing. Every business venture requires liability insurance. By working closely with independent advisors, we provide our customers with optimal financial and insurance solutions, while maintaining an adequate standard of financial terms and quality protection.


RentalShort-term lease agreementSaleTailor-made buildings (BTS - Built to Suit)Commercial Real Estate ManagementInsurance


Commercial property rental market requires constant monitoring of rapidly changing trends.

Years of experience, close cooperation with international developers as well as individual owners of commercial properties, gives our customers a possibility to take advantage of the best solutions currently available on the market.

We combine the knowledge and experience with modern analytical tools providing comprehensive and full support during the whole property rental process.

Short-term lease agreement

Are you looking for an temporary solution?

You need additional space for one, two or five months?

You have a production peak and nowhere to store the ready product?

You are opening a new branch and don’t need the target space and long-term commitment?

Short term rental options we offer is often a perfect solution to meet the temporary needs of our Clients. We continuously monitor the available market supply and work closely with the owners of commercial buildings providing our customers with unique solutions that optimize rental costs.

Check out our short-term rental options!


The sale or purchase of real estate in the commercial market is a complex process requiring extensive knowledge and professional expertise in many fields. Our team consists of specialists with proven experience and international certificates of competence.

Our services include:

  • reliable advice in the process of purchase and sale,
    – evaluation of investment profitability
    – real estate Due Diligence
    – re-commercialization and further resale

Tailor-made buildings (BTS – Built to Suit)

Wondering whether to rent or buy? Many of our customers ask themselves this same question before deciding to change the location.

Every such decision bears a strategic meaning for the company and shall be based on a reliable source of expertise. Our experience and the ability to recognize the individual needs of our customers allows you to find the best solutions on the market.

Our services, exercising a financial analysis based on current market trends allows you to make accurate decisions whether to rent the property or buy a land plot and build a facility ideally suited to your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Management

Our services provide a professional commercial real estate management. We use high-standard tools, systems and solutions in order to maximize your revenue while reducing costs. Systematic reports, relevant relationships with tenants and active marketing maintains maximum tenant occupancy and the corresponding value of the property.


In order to meet the needs of our customers and for the sake of comprehensive services we offer insurance policy advise.

Depending on your needs, our experts will help you choose the right insurance policy: property, civil liability, communication and others.

The wide range of our insurance partners provides opportunity to optimize the cost and terms of insurance, depending on individual needs.

Our advisors through the analysis of running insurance policies help to verify the terms, financial efficiency, accuracy and range of responsibility.

Join the group of satisfied customers and trust the knowledge and experience of the experts!

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